Favorite Songs- March 2016! EXO, lee- hi, J-Rabbit, Adele, etc

Hi i come back again with another post, i just want to share with you some of my favorite songs for this month.

Exo – Christmas Day


Adele Cover- All i ask


Lee hi- Breath 


J- rabbit Happy Things


J- Rabbit – I am in love and love song


J- rabbit- ‘내일을 묻는다’

It is my most favorite song from J-rabbit!! It is really good.


Fly to the sky- Missing you

I found it while watching lay acting on it. He is really cute in here.


Kim na young- 바라고 바라고

This song is the back sound used when lay told about his waist injury and i try to search what song it is. I really like the song and the lyric. It was an ost of marriage not dating drama.


Sung Shi Kyung- Every Moment of You 

It is an ost in man from another star. I really like the song.


Lee hi cover breath by therealdavidkim and Marshall Bang


I think that is all for my favorite songs for this month!! I hope you like it.




Lay EXO- A confession of EXO-L Part 2 :)

Hi, i come back again with another post! Since i am in holiday, i have time to write this. In last post about lay exo part1, i have told you that i really like him because of his personality. If you haven’t read it, you can read in this link!! I just want to warn you, don’t blame me if you like lay after reading this post. hahahahah


In the last post, i have told you that there is one thing that makes me really respect him. It is something that makes him so attractive to me and its his HARD WORK! I know almost all korean idol and artist working really hard to become famous, but i think when they have already at the top, some of the idol are becoming lazy even to dance. Back to the story, i found lay’s fancam in youtube and he danced really hard. I mean like even though he looked tired, but he still gives his best. and it is so attractive to me when a guy works really hard in anything.


Accidentally, i found a video in youtube about lay where he told the mc that he had his waist injury since his training days. His waist injury is because of his hard work. He said that he tied sand bags to all over his body and danced in order to become a better dancer. Hello!! can you imagine that? When i watched that video, i was really sad to hear that. He is such a hard worker. Here is the video about it, you can watch it here at minute 6 onwards.

Note: None of Videos/ Pictures contained here are mine and I make no claim to them. They are here for illustration purposes only. 🙂

I am really sad that lay is so underrated compared to other members in exo. He is the main dancer in Exo- M, but people always think that kai is always the best when it comes to dancing. Kai is also a really good dancer, but lay is also good. Lay should be more famous that he should be. I mean like his looks and his personality is in the top over other members in exo. It is my personal opinion, if you read it and you have different bias or favorite member in exo, well it is okay actually. I am so biassed anyway. hahaha.


If you are lay’s fans, you may already know that lay is so talented. He can dance, sing, play instruments such as piano and guitar. He also likes to write and compose a song. If you haven’t know that Promise is one of the exo that lay wrote and composed with other member. This song is really sad. As you can see from the lyric, it really has strong meaning and i always feel like this song for exo members who left from exo.

Actually, it is really sad to know that lay is the only chinese member in exo. I also found that lay is really close to luhan (one of chinese member who left from exo) and it is so sad to hear that they can be together anymore.

Okay, back to the track, i really like lay’s dance. It is really good but people don’t really notice him when he dances. I really like his dance in dubstep intro of exo and in “I am Lay”. You can watch it below.


I really like lay’s dance in playboy, you really have to see those fancams. He is so different when he is on stage. He becomes really sexy and i have to really sexy. I think it is because he puts a lot of effort in his dance. If you see that other members are not that give much energy in dances while he does. Here are some of my favorite of fancams. Some fans said that playboy is a song for lay. I mean like lay dancing really well in this song. Hahahaha


Here is another fancam of lay, he looks really cute in this video holding a rose. I really like christmas day. This song is really shooting and it become my favorite song in exo.

I found that lay’s interview and it really opens my mind. I am really inspired from him. In that interview, it is said that lay didn’t want to eat Mc donalds because he endorsed KFC. He hasn’t eat that day and his mom told him and offer him to eat Mc Donalds, but he refused it because he still insisted that he doesn’t want to break his promise or contract. He is such a good guy, i mean a really good guy. How come there is a person like him in this cruel world? You can read the full interview in this link!!

I also really like his current fashion style at airport. He looks really manly and his style is really good lately.


Look at him, his style is really good and i really like that kind of style!! hahahaha.

In the same interview, it is said that his staff said that he has never complained of being tired. During 4 years training at south korea, he was always the first to arrive and the last to leave. He said in that interview  “Only by giving my all to train will I be able to have no regrets”. Oh my god, how come? I really admire him of his hard work. He really works hard and it is so attractive. His weibo name is work hard work hard and work harder. He is really cute. His motto is “Give your all on endurance, not explosiveness”. After becoming his fans for two weeks, there are a lot of things i can learn from him. Hard work is a key to become success and i learn it from him. Another thing is that hard work is the most attractive things.


I think k-pop fans should learn more about their artist. Beside their glittering and glamorous life of k-pop idols, we could learn a lot from them about hard work. I know that when a fan saw his favorite idol dancing his ass off on the stage, that fan will shout out loud and admire him. However, behind those perfect movement and dancing, we don’t know how many hours of practice and how many hours of energy they put in order to give their best in their performance.

I think that is all for this post!! I hope you like it, please give me your like in this post if you like reading it. Thank you!! 🙂



Lay EXO :) Part 1

Hi again, it’s been a long time since the last time i wrote about gfriend comeback! hahaha miss me? i don’t think anyone miss me hahaha.. Maybe you can guess what i am going to talk about in this post. Yes, this is going about one of exo members, his name is Lay or his real name is zhang yixing.

Note: None of Videos/ Pictures contained here are mine and I make no claim to them. They are here for illustration purposes only. 🙂


Flashbackk!!!! You have to know the first member that i like in exo is actually chanyeol. Since i am a big fans of 2ne1, i watched tv shows called roommates where chanyeol was also one of the cast for this show. I really like chanyeol because he is such a polite man and from that reality show i really respect for what he did. Since then, i try to search more about exo and what kind of song they sing. However, i was just not that interested with exo at that time since exo have 12 members and it was quite hard to differentiate and remember the name of each member. The second member that i like after chanyeol is baekhyun. I knew him from the news which about he and Taeyeon girls generation were dating. If you are my loyal reader, you may know that i am also a biggest fan of girls generation. Since i found that baekhyun was dating taeyeon that time, i searched him and i found that he is also a member of exo. When exo comeback with call me baby, baekhyun looked really handsome and i really like his style during their promotion.


One day, actually to be exact it was 4 weeks ago, i am really bored that day. Since cheese in the trap has already finished, i don’t know what to watch. Since my school life has already super duper crowded and busy, whenever i have time, i always try to update myself about k-pop. One day, i got a recommendation video in youtube about exo showtime where there is a clip that chen was singing “nothing better” in it. After watching that, i really like chen’s voice and i tried to search fancams of chen. I really like him and i really find him that he is so underrated in exo. Although, he has a really good voice, i think baekhyun and other member are way to famous and have more fans than him.

Here in the clip of chen singing nothing better. He is really good and his voice was really good and smooth. hahhahha..

Since i like watching chen, i found that exo has their own variety show, called exo showtime. I just watch a couple of episodes of exo showtime, i did not have time to watch all of their episodes. I really remember i watched their 6th episode, i found lay. He is really cute when he was trying to order his food and waiting for his food. From there, i found a recommendation video from youtube about lay dancing in one of variety show called weekly idol. At that time, i just thought that he is a very good dancer and i have to admit that he is really is. His dance was really smooth and really good. I also watched another video of lay dancing in many variety show in one video at youtube, and i became his fans since then.

Here is the video that i told you before. See? he is really a good dancer. Since then i try to watched all of his videos in any exo’s clips or videos. I found that he is really polite to people. He always bows to other people and it is really cute. I really guy who has a really great manner and yes he is really is. You should watch him bowing to almost people that he sees in EXO showtime ep. 1. It is really cute, but in the same time i really respect him for doing that. You can watch him bowing in this link!! You can watch him at minute 44 onwards!!

Here is video when he really wanted to dance with Boa and another video is when he and sehun danced MAMA! they are really cool!



Look!! how handsome he is and so his attitude too. I found a video that really makes me respect to him since then. In that video he also joined dancing to a girl in exo guerilla date. I found a bts video, he was helping her dance and i think he found that the girl is quite shy and he joined her dancing and made the atmosphere become more brightly. I really respect him for doing that.

I became his fans since then. I always searched his fancam and i really really like him. I wish i could find a guy that looks like him and has a very good personality too. I really want to tell you more about lay.


There is one thing that i really like from him.  There is one thing that makes him really attractive for me about him. I am not talking about his appearance or his looks, but there is one thing that i really respect him about. I think i am going to write in part 2.

I think that is all for today !! byee byeee!! See you in the part 2! Here is the link for part 2!

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G-FRIEND- A rising korean girl group!


Hi guys!

Long time no see, right?

Today, i am going to talk about one of my favorite girl group right, G-friend! i always follow every time they have comeback. I really like them because their songs are so good and you will find that you will sing it without realizing it. They recently have a comeback, and their main title track is rough. You have to listen it, it is really good and they are improving so much if we compared it when they first debuted. If you want to their debut track, you can see my post in here!

Note: None of Videos/ Pictures contained here are mine and I make no claim to them. They are here for illustration purposes only. 🙂

As you can see, their music become much more mature than before.

They are so cute when they reacted to their own new MV. I am so happy that they got many awards for new artist in many award ceremonies in korea.

I am so sad when korean netizen always call them ugly. Although they come from small company, but look at them now. I think they are more successful than new girl group from big companies. After Yuju’s accident, i think they become more popular because more people recognize them.

I think the reason why they are getting famous is that their song is so good and memorable. The other reason is that their choreography is hard. Although they have a feminine look of their overall group but their dance is so hardcore. It so hard to learn their dance. I think that that is the reason why g-friend is different from other feminine korean girl group. Their dance is so energetic and so sync together. If you want to learn their dance, you can watch this video below.

I am also so happy that they got several wins in many music programs for their new song, rough. I think that they are really deserved it to get it since they have worked really hard for it. As you will see in the video below how sync they are.


If you want to know the english translation of their new song, Rough! you can watch in the video below!


They had two previous reality show, i have watched all. Another good news from them this year is that they will have their own reality show in MBC programs. Here is a brief clip from episode one. I am so excited to watch them in their new reality show.


Another bonus video from me, it is their performance in seoul music award. I really like their performance especially their opening.

I really the way they open their performance by using their other song called under the sky. Here are some their videos from their backstage in Seoul Music Awards from v line videos with subs.


Here is another video from v line videos before releasing their new album, snowflake!

Thank you for reading it! You may like this post, if you do so, i will be really happy! See you guys soon! I’ll try to write more in the future! 🙂

My Favorite Korean Songs!! Trust me they are really good!

Hi guys, i come back again! I am so sorry that i did not post anything about my progress. Well actually i am enjoying this progress although there is no a good progress so far, but i will try it harder hahaha..

Maybe you don’t know that i am really into korean songs. I really like the way they talk, dress up, pamper themselves, but today i will share some of favorite songs from Korea.

Note: None of Videos/ Pictures contained here are mine and I make no claim to them.

The original singer of this song is from 4men. I really like their voice and the way they sing. I also really like Chen from EXO sing it with Chanyeol played the guitar. This song is called baby baby. Someday, i really want my boyfriend or my future husband sing this song to me. You should also read the translation of this song. It is really really good.

This is the original with english subtitle in it.

You really have to listen to this guy. He really could make you cry and  the way he sing is precious. You also should read the translation of this song. It is really really good and it really hits me so hard. hahhahah

This is another song that this guy was singing. This song is from a Korean drama called Mimi and the original singer is Wendy from Red Velvet.

I really fell in love with hyukoh voice in this video 🙂

I think everyone in korea like zion.t songs. I really his new song called eat. It feels like you have someone you can rely on in this song and you should search the translation of this song. huaaaaaa.. i really really love this song so much.

Another my favorite song from zion.t

I heard this song from a korean drama called producer and i really like this song too.

Another song from coffee boy. I think it is k-indie in Korea, but i really like these kind of songs.

Actually, there are a lot of songs i want to share with you, but these  songs that i am currently replaying in my playlist these days.

Keep an eye on my posts! These days, i really like Chanyeol from EXO and Hani from EXID. I will post in another post why i really like them so much and i really adore them 🙂

I would be happy if you could give me comments or maybe recommended songs! See you all!! 🙂


GFRIEND I come back again with another post and updates about gfriend. I really like them, i make a post about them every week to help them regain more popularity. I think after watching a lot of their videos, i become more attached to them. I really believe that they’ll become more popular in future. Good Luck Gfriend! I hope you’ll get a rookie award soon!! I really hope so. If you haven’t seen about their debut story and behind the scene, you can see and watch it from HEREEE!! There are a lot videos this week and you know what there is a good new that sinB and Yerin will join ISAC which is a sport competition for many celebrities especially k-pop artists joining this event. Well, actually i have seen some videos in twitter when yerin was jumping out, it was really cute. I hope for the best for them 🙂

Note: None of Videos/ Pictures contained here are mine and I make no claim to them. They are here for illustration purposes only. 🙂

Videos by MBCkpop

You really have to watch this, i haven’t seen and heard them to sing another song despite glass bead and i have to say they are really good. They made a cover of Love, Me song! It is quite good! hehehe

Well, they recorded this when they were guests in Simsimtapa radio. They sang glass bead in this video.

In this video, they covered a song called “Everything At Once” in a cappella version. Umji’s english was really good in this video and Juju’s high note was flawless.

Video by amiga

This video is when gfriend are  in backstage in MCD. They are really cute!!

Video by GFRIEND United

You really have to watch this, if you have already been their fans, you’ll probably like them more. They are really funny especially Sowon and Eunha. I’m really happy that Eunha is not that shy girl because in some other videos, she was really shy.

You should watch another video from GFRIEND United, they posted a video with english subtitle when gfriend as guests in radio. 

Video by K-pop

This is their interview by The Show music show. If you watch this, you’ll know that all of them are really cute.  Actually, i don’t know what are they talking about but it still funny by the way. hahaha

In their official instagram, they also posted some videos and picture. You should see it and follow them. Here is the link: HERE!!!

Well, i think that is all for today. if there is any update and new news about them, i’ll make another post again! Byes.. Please comment and like if you want! Don’t forget to always support Gfriend, Okayyyyy!!!

How do Girls Generation (SNSD) Members Workout?


Hai guys, i come back again with another beauty topic. This time this post is about SNSD members’ workout. Actually, i really like seeing how K-POP idols train themselves and work hard to achieve something. I think there are a lot of things that i learn from K-POP. K-POP is not only a place for entertainment for me but also as a place for searching for a motivation. I think K-POP idols can be a really good motivators because you must see how hard they work and how much their use their time to achieve what they want.

I really admire how K-POP idol still can maintain their body while still have a perfect body. For example, SNSD members are really busy but their body are not jokes. They really have a nice body. I don’t care what people thinks about them about plastic surgery or whatever. Well, people who judge korean idols are fake are people who actually envy them. Those people actually also want to have a nice body, a nice hair, a nice skin, nose, or eyes, but they are afraid to admit their own body, nose, and eyes. We all want have a perfect skin, nose, eyes, and hair but we just don’t have any encourage to do something extreme like plastic surgery.  I really appreciate how brave korean people are because they do surgery to make them look good and those things make them feel more confident. Actually, i don’t want to discuss about this because i think there are a lot of pro and con about it. Maybe we just can leave like that.

Okay, actually this post won’t be a tutorial or something. I just want to share my research about how do SNSD (Girls Generation) members workout and i compile it in one post. If you haven’t seen my post about HOW TO ACHIEVE TAEYEON’S BANG? SEE THROUGH BANG, here is the link: HERE!!!, You’ll better to read that post. hahahaha..

Note: None of Videos/ Pictures contained here are mine and I make no claim to them. They are here for illustration purposes only. 🙂

Here is the video.

1. This video is about Tiffany and Jessica of SNSD (Girls Generation) get their perfect leg and body. 

2. This video is by KStyleTV.

This video will teach you how to get Girls Generation 5-3-2 Leg Workout. Actually, it is quite similar with video above but with a better explanation.

3. This video is by cecikoreaTV.

As you can see, this guy is the fitness trainer of SNSD (Girls Generation)’s Yonna, Hyoyeon, Tiffany, Sooyoung, Sunny, and Yuri.

4. This video is about SNSD (Girls Generation)’s Documentary about their life. Here is a clip about Yuri was going to gym to train her body.

5. If you want to watch how hard Seohyun workout to maintain her “S” line body. You have to watch TTS (Taetiseo) Reality Show EP. 3

Here is the link: HERE!!!

Well, actually i haven’t tried all of those exercises by myself but i really want to do it if i have enough time hahaha (just an excuse, pardon me please!). Well, if you want to have body like SNSD, you probably should try all those exercise. Good luck!


Source of Picture: HERE!! 

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